Yep, we’re still here . . .

I probably should have mentioned this far earlier.  I’ve been getting a considerable amount of flack for not having updated this blog for half a year. Marc Andreessen has been on blog break since last August – I wonder if he would commiserate with me . . .

I decided to take a break from blogging, but that doesn’t mean we’ve taken a break from working!  It just means we’re doing quiet, sneaky things that we don’t feel like talking about.  It means that right now, spending 30 minutes on product development is going to move the needle a hell of a lot more than spending 30 minutes on discussing plans for product development to the netherworld of cyberspace.  Which raises the question of, how often is that not true?  Certainly less often than the volume of entrepreneurial bloggery, Twittery, and Facebook status updates out there would indicate.  Sometimes it seems as though we young entrepreneurs get so wrapped up in leveraging every possible promotional opportunity that we sacrifice time and energy that would have been better spent on the core of the business.  Anyone feel me on that?


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