Taking the Stage at TechCrunch 50 (1 of 2)

Our BIG news, and the reason we disappeared off the map for a few weeks, is that we were selected as one of TechCrunch’s 50 “Best Start-Ups” for 2008.  This means we got a spot on stage in front of 1000+ of all the industries top tech execs, VCs, and press to give an 8-minute presentation about MIXTT this past week.  We were honored to have the opportunity, and now, 2 days into the conference, can say we have been having an awesome time.

Before the real deal, though, I had the opportunity to take the stage for merely patriotic purposes, and open the conference with the anthem.  Day 1 also brought Diana and me the opportunity to stalk Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (Ashton was there launching blahgirls.com), and to stuff our faces at the VIP party (sushi and oysters, holllllaa) while trying to “network” in between it all.  Here are some pics and clips of the highlights.

Ashton Kutcher talking up Blah Girls

Ashton Kutcher talking up Blah Girls

At Jason Calacanis's VIP Party . . . oooh V-I-P

At Jason Calacanis's VIP party - oooh V-I-P

That's Demi Moore!  (and example of how I'm short)

That's Demi Moore!


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