Podcast: MIXTT Interview by UK’s Technology Gazette

Last Friday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Josh Chandler of Britain’s Technology Gazette.  Great guy with a passion for new startups.  He actually followed the interview with no less than five emails recommending additional features for MIXTT – love to see this kind of enthusiasm and excitement for the company, particularly coming from a young guy like Josh.  Click to hear the podcast of the interview!  If that doesn’t work, copy and paste http://podcast.technologygazette.com/2008/07/28/technology-gazette-episode-51-eve-peters-of-mixttcom-joins-us/ into your browser.


17 Alpha Invites Sent

Today, 17 of our best friends, plus their friends, became MIXTT’s first-ever real users.  We now eagerly await their feedback . . .

Private beta users, we’ll get you on board as soon as we’re sure it’s worthy!

Video Pitch Practice

Diana and I camped out in my living room for 6 hours today working on a video pitch.  It’s harder than it looks!  35 takes and a hell of a lot of junk food later, here’s what we came out with.  Clearly just a practice version.  Later this week with a videographer on hand, we’ll try to get something more official going – sans the whirring of the MB Pro fan and hopefully, sans my questionable facial expressions.

Internet Domain Registry – Snoozefest

Given my previous post, this one should have been an exciting report on our progress and feedback from alpha so far.  Unfortunately, at the point where we were all set to begin, we had just one final step – switching domain hosting services – which ended up taking 7 extra business days!  All these funny little things you discover when you’re a first-time Internet entrepreneur.

We made the best of it though.  It gave Andrew and Christian some additional time to crank away on some additional functionality, while Diana and I ironed out and executed on some key early stage marketing projects.

OK, now, for real, Alpha here we come.  May the MIXTT Alpha madness begin . . .