MIXTT’s New CTO – “Actually, kind of awesome.”

I’m thrilled to let you all know that we’ve brought on a developer superhero: Christian Walker (the guy in the middle). Thank you to my business partner Diana Agraz for finding this guy at a Web 2.0 Conference after-party – which, by the way, is much better for sourcing talent than tedious recruiting rounds through hiring agencies and specialty job board postings.

So, Christian is the bomb. And on top of that, he’s wonderfully humble. He often refers to people he admires and respects by saying, “Yeah, actually . . . he’s kind of awesome.” Well Christian, we hope you know that you are “actually . . . kind of awesome.”

Christian has been designing, architecting, coding, and leading teams to build cutting edge web sites and software products for over ten years. That’s right, he was there for the first bubble. He was there when companies were creating web sites for the very first time. Most recently, he is responsible for architecting and coding the world’s most advanced mobile platform, MOJAX, with mFoundry’s CTO Rodney Aiglstorfer. Also particularly noteworthy is Christian’s term as Lead Architect on Orbitz.com. He devised ingenious ways to get the best scalability, uptime, and performance results for an early travel search engine giant. Luckily for us, Christian’s primary enthusiasm is for social networking projects. That, his incredible talent, chill personality and bad-ass motorcycle skills make him a great fit for MIXTT.

Cheers to Christian!


2 Responses

  1. Having worked with Christian for over 10 years I can say with all honesty that you couldn’t have made a better choice for CTO. Gratz!

  2. Christian is actually, TOTALLY awesome. So happy to have him on our team!

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