Why MIXTT’s Group Dating Feature Is the Obvious Solution to Meeting New People Online.

MIXTT gets groups of friends to sign up together and meet other groups that pique their interest.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of match.com or of blind – and potentially awkward-as-hell – dates in general. Instead, I rely on going out with friends, in hopes of meeting someone cool.

Unfortunately, I usually end up meeting the one guy at the bar that is married and has 3 kids at home. I’m sure I’m not the only one with such sour luck. Ladies, how many times have you indulged the oblivious, albeit generous “drink-buyer” in conversation even though he lost you at “Hey, do I know you from somewhere”? Guys, I’m sure you are not immune to this sort of misfortune either.

It shouldn’t be so hard for my friends and I to meet a group of guys that rival our own intellect, attractiveness, and life goals. If only there was a mechanism to enable these sorts of run-ins… well, leave it to Eve Peters to come up with an answer. That’s right, MIXTT does offer a solution.

Here’s how it works: You and your friends create a profile with some pictures, notes on your achievements, hobbies, favorite team, and so on. Then you peruse other group profiles and pick out the sort of guys/girls you and your friends would potentially hit it off with. From here you can choose to message, flirt, or ask to meet up with them.

Heck, I’d do anything to increase my chances of meeting a worthy male the next time I invest 45 minutes straightening my hair. If me and my friends knew that the guys we’re about to meet are actually educated, athletic, hot, SPCA volunteering, basketball enthusiast — well imagine! — that’s enough to get me to shave my legs! What a brilliant idea, Eve.


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